Our values:
products in harmony with people and nature

Rethink and
manage sustainably

We believe the future direction in terms of sustainability is the minimum requirement for successful long-term expansion. Therefore, responsible business conduct and sustainable practices have been part of Trinovado's DNA since the company was founded.
To this day, these principles are an integral part of our mission and are formalized through our systematic work with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
We deliver solutions that are ecologically, economically and socially sustainable. We aim to take a leading role in sharing best practices and creating added value for customers.

That is why we work with manufacturers, suppliers and service providers who operate in an environmentally conscious and socially responsible - just like we do.

The only way is forward.

We see ourselves as doers with heart and mind.

With a broad perspective - also outside the box - we stand for active environmental protection and sustainability with our products.
Sustainability is the core of our business activities and define our goals in terms of content and not purely in monetary terms.
We are always trying out new ideas for protecting our environment.

Goal 7

Nothing works without electricity. This applies to many things, but it is particularly true for manufacturing companies. Every company has a choice of what type of energy it uses. Our way: both in the Trinovado order data center in Frankfurt am Main, as well as in our offices

we only use green electricity that is 100% generated from renewable energies.

Goal 8

In order to achieve lasting, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, we firmly believe that this can only be achieved in accordance with productive full employment and

decent work for all.
Therefore, we only cooperate with companies that represent the same ethical values in order to ensure more integration and, above all, inclusion.

Goal 9

It is not without reason that the small syllable

is hidden in our name - Trinovado. Because we are not only convinced that innovation should be supported, but that inclusive and sustainable industrialization is the only way to build resilient infrastructure.

Goal 12

We avoid and reduce waste. Whenever it's possible, we use renewable, recycled or climate-neutral raw materials. We also use sustainable packaging, obviously only where it is allowed by law.

Success is the conscious use of resources! Therefore, we are vehemently striving for a second-use approach for our packaging.

Goal 13

The current status requires immediate action to combat climate change.

In this regard, we make our contribution with our products and also proactively support other environmental projects.

Goal 14

In terms of sustainable development, we enjoy the resources of the oceans and seas and that's why we are in a constant process of optimizing our conscious actions.

We would like to set a good example and keep our recipes free from environmental toxins, microplastics and other harmful substances.

Goal 15

To ensure that our ecosystems are preserved for a long time to come, we do everything we can to protect, restore and promote sustainable use.

That's why we value organic products, developments without animal testing, and support them with bee pastures.

Goal 17

Spread the word!

In order to strengthen the means of implementation and to fill the Global Partnership for sustainable development with new life - starting with ourselves and with regard to our cooperation partners and collaborations - we ensure compliance with the 17 goals of the EU.